28 day Challenge for Integrating a Routine Back into your Life✨ (affirmations and daily goals)

Do you feel like you’re in a spot where even doing the simplest things for yourself is extremely difficult. Do you want to get back on track, refocus your mind and rekindle your passions, and become a normal fuctioning individual again.

This outline is for you.

If you follow these simple steps, you can start feeling fulfilled if you have been struggling with establishing a good routine for yourself, and even better, you can follow me on my journey of practicing these very tools for 30 days!

Starting 🎄December Third🎄 I’m going to start daily logs of my personal progression, and would love for you guys to show your experience too!

So without further ado, give this a like, maybe hit me with a follow and continue with me on this journey!


I’d like you to physically write down a list of 2-6 tasks you’d like to get done every single day for the first week.

I’d also like you to physically write down one weekly task you’d like to accomplish each week of the challenge!

After that I have a list of daily affirmations that I’d like you to yet again—don’t discredit the value of this aspect of the challenge— ✨physically✨ write down and repeat to yourself every day ✨out loud✨ in front of a mirror.

So for example for me, I’m having a difficult time with even getting out of bed in the morning and taking care of myself, so I’m setting my expectations low for myself, but like I said everyone’s on a different level, so take this challenge at your own rate. I’m taking on 5 daily tasks, but if you need to start with less or more, that’s all up to you! After that I’d like you to write down one weekly task.

My FIVE DAILY TASKS will consist of:

✨ONE✨ eating and drinking enough to properly fuel my body.

✨TWO✨ spending a bit of time taking care of myself two times a day, before bed and when I wake up.

✨THREE✨ establishing a stable sleeping routine!

✨FOUR✨ reading 10 pages of a book or listening to a 30 minute educational podcast

✨FIVE✨ taking 30 minutes to journal and reflect for the day.

So now it’s YOUR TURN

Take the time to write down 2-6 daily goals for yourself. Make sure at least one of the tasks is time put aside for creativity, reflection, or self care 💛

I’d love also for you guys to tell me your daily goals in the comment section, so leave me a comment on what your baseline daily goals will be🌻

NEXT STEP✨ Establish one weekly goal!


To go on one 30 minute run a week! ✨

So now that you have 2-6 daily goals for yourself, and your one weekly goal all handwritten down, what’s next… ✨THE AFFIRMATIONS✨

Now this is my favorite part of the challenge.

Underneath the goals that you have set for yourself write down these ✨daily affirmations✨:

I LOVE life💛

I’m willing to CHANGE, IMPROVE and GROW🌿

I have the right to feel SEEN👁


I am worthy if LOVE💛


And that’s it. Write those affirmations down along side your daily goals and tape them on a mirror, so you can repeat them every single day while looking yourself in the eye.

If you’d like, I’d love for you guys to leave a comment on what your daily affirmations are or send me a photo of your handwritten paper with your goals and affirmations so I can share your experiences with this challenge along the way✨

Good luck on the challenge, each week the rules will slowly be expanding, so look out for weekly updates, and my daily updates on how the challenge is going on my side of the world 🌎


✨MONTHLY MENTAL HEALTH POETRY POST✨ the cracked windshield

i remember the first time i saw you. at the time you were nothing but a small breach, located just in the top right corner of my windshield, that damned windshield.

i couldnt specifically place why you happened, maybe a kid hit and ran my car with a baseball, or maybe you just appeared with no specific cause.

maybe the years of bugs that splattered against the window got to be too much. or the transparent awareness of the world. and naturally there was a moment of weakness, where the glass just couldnt hold its form, where just out of nowhere its natural beautiful structure collapsed under extreme stress.

but honestly who knows.

whatever the cause, no matter how hard i tried, i couldnt get you out of my mind.

you were constantly there. lingering in my peripheral vision, always in the corner of my eye. prodding, a pestering nick, knacking in the background.

i came to dwell on you, you were on my mind day in, day out.

always there.

from the moment the sun set behind the foothills,
to the consuming darkness of a smoggy, cataclysmic night sky,
and the breach of the sunrise
and the moment i woke up
and tried to get out of bed
and failed
and gave in.

out of no where, one day, on a crisp fall morning, just as i was taking a drive.

you spread.

expanding across the seams, stretching and tearing the very fabric of my windshield.

in a way a part of me broke along with you.
but for a minute all the damage was done.
and my brain drifted elsewhere
and i gave myself time to heal
but you were still there.
and soon enough,
yet again,
you were on my mind once again.

from the moment the sun set behind the foothills,
to the consuming darkness of a smoggy, cataclysmic night sky,
and the breach of the sunrise
and the moment i woke up
and tried to get out of bed
and failed
and yet again gave in.

only this time i was broken and lost and misguided.
and something about the windshield
and the fracture
and the spread
drove me strait into the Jersey bump
crumpling the front end of my Camry.

yet i was whole and unharmed and safe and confused.
with only a seatbelt burn still etched onto my right side.
and i heard stillness in silence
then chaos in sirens
and eventually i was taken away.

at this point now,
the worst of it was over.

and i wasnt cracked and broken,
but instead lucky and healing.
and somehow you helped me realize
that the problem wasnt the windshield
or the fracture
or the spread
or the crash
the problem was me
the problem was always just me.