Hey I’m Marissa Bruno, a 19 year old female who was born and raised on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. Currently I’m working as a host at Outback Steakhouse and I’m about to return to school at MSU Denver to peruse my studies I’m Enviornmental Engeneering, but I’m at this point in my live where I’m trying to figure out what I want a degree I’m so that major is subject to change.

This blog is a loving space for anyone who may be suffering from a mental illness; anxiety and depression are the centralized points on this topic, but in many ways I’ll be covering more depending on the context. On top of this this blog is a space where I tell my story, completely uncensored, because will all the hell I’ve gone through this year, I honestly think I could hit a chord with a few people who find themselves in the same situation as I’m in.

I’ve been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and ptsd. I’m currently in therapy and seeing a psychiatrist. I have a couple stories to tell in regards to my mental health journey as well as my experience with accepting past mistakes and the process of growing as an individual past them. That will be a big segment of this blog. Primarily for updates regarding my journey with my mental health and helpful tools that I’ll acquire from the process of getting help.

On the other hand, this blog will also include a segment on my journey with freelance writing as well as my poetry book updates and segments, and some journal entries which I think could be of relevance to the message I’m hoping to send with this blog.

I have a lot of dreams, but the two I hope to peruse more within the next few months are in regards to starting an interview biased podcast, and focusing on finishing my poetry book.

On top of that, this blog will feature some of my photography and the adventures that I go on with my loving friends.

I’m primarily making this blog for myself, but I do hope that a post or two could hit a chord it’s a few loving souls who need to hear my message.

Just remember, you’re never alone. And if something I write about does speak to you I’m a certain way, please please reach out to me. I’d love to hear your story.

What People Say

True healing is realizing that you were never sick in the first place, true healing is realizing that you had a little bit of dust on the windshield and brush it of.

Duncan Trussell (Joe Rogan Experience 116)

Always remember that it is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood: there will always be some who misunderstands you.

Karl Popper

Let’s build something together!