UPDATE OVER THE LAST FEW DAYS Hanukkah Festivities, Goodwill Bins, Photoshoot, and a successful TikTok Video

First stop Einstein’s to grab some chai teas and bagels!

Today marked the first time I ever went to the Goodwill bins, I’ve been marking this down on my todo list for months and honestly I can say it didn’t disappoint.

Besides the mechanical like flow in the facility, I found the whole atmosphere of the area absolutely exhilarating. It was like there was a Christmas buzz in the air.

Walking in was almost like a culture shock. The building was set up with around 10 metric sized bins, on the left primarily the bins were filled with no knacks, from broken glass to antique Polaroid cameras to doll houses. I was honestly shocked.

Although there was mostly just a bunch of shitty throw away objects, as you dug deeper, searching and scavenging through the many different attires of clothing, there were some gems to be found.

Inside the factory like environment you walk in and get an overwhelming feeling of this mechanical like energy. I looked around to see everyone quite literally mesmerized in the process of searching through the bins. Once you begin to search there’s this energy within that just gets you fully emerged into the process. It was quite uncomfortable to see the ravenous like energy as a new bin emerged from the back.

Without a single word spoken, it was as if there was an unspoken code of how to access the bins. Each section held about 8 bins in a single isle, but when a section was being made, a group would immediately swarm around, but a a distance, waiting patiently for the section to be filled. The building did have a strict number of people who could be in the building at each time, and by saying this I don’t mean to say that it was overcrowded.

Once the bins were in their place, the crowds went wild, rummaging through the bins. There’s a whole flow to it that must be learned through experience.

Because of the mega haul of thrifted clothing and the combination of our own personal thrifting collections, Reyna had a photoshoot due for one of her classes so a little later in the week, I decided to help her out by modeling. I included a few photos she took below.

Sorry if the images are a bit low resolution, she has better copies, but this was the best I could do for the time being to be able to make this post.

If I were to reflect over my past week, I’d say it’s been one of the best weeks I’ve had in a long time! I got to celebrate Hanukkah with some family friends, I did that photoshoot mentioned above with one of my childhood friends Reyna, one of my TikTok posts that I made with my sister blew up, and most of all I feel like I’ve been getting back on my grind in regards to my freelance writing and bettering my own personal mental health.

Just to go into more detail in regards to my Hanukkah festivities over the last week, the first night of Hanukkah was on Friday, so some family friends came down from Philadelphia to share a delicious meal filled with homemade challah bread, latkes, matzo ball soup (although that’s for Passover, I was really craving it so I had my dad make it for the feast), brisket and some turkey. For dessert we had baklava and some noodle kugel.

We’ve been getting closer with this family because their middle child Shelby, just this last year, moved to Denver to pursue her career, and get a bit of a change in scenery. I’m honestly so grateful for the whole rest of the family for making the 24 hour road trip all the way down here to spend time in Colorado and celebrate this incredible holiday with my family.

Here’s the TikTok video I posted with my sister, yes I know it’s confusing, yes I will include a post explaining the entire situation within a week or so. I’m hoping that by the time I post this video, the post will hit 100k likes… a girl can dream can’t she.

TikTok video link: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJbh2Qbj/

All of these events are completely out out order, but last but not least, my best friend Sadie decided to get a hotel room with a couple of our close friends for the night, we went out and spent the night at a village inn , just so we could be a little rowdy and have a girls night with Taylor and Yessi.

Here’s a cute little photo of us doing that headphone challenge in the hotel room.

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